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1916 - 1981


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This archive of the Meccano Magazine has been produced and made freely available by the Internet Meccano Magazine Scanning Group coordinated by Dr Paul Dale. Over 90% of the scanning was carried out by Oscar Felgueiras and the index is based on those compiled by Bruce Neilson.

Timothy Edwards has setup a far more powerful index engine, with multicriteria search facilities, at Meccano Magazine Comprehensive Index.

An alternate archive is also available where entire issues can be downloaded in PDF format. However, if you desire the entire collection, it is strongly recommended that you purchase them on DVD from Meccano Worldwide Mail Order. The DVD version is complete and also has a significantly better index.

Meccano is a registered trademark of Meccano SN and cannot be used without permission. Many models and component parts incorporate original designs which are protected by copyrights, trademarks or design legislation.


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